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Christencher Institiute
3307 Church Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11203

Phone: 1(718) 282 - 8400

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Mission Statement

The education mission and goal of the Christencher Institute of Vocational Training is to train students to be able to seek employment in the medical field as a home health aide.

Philosophy and Objectives

The principle goal of the Christencher Institute of Vocational Training is to education prospective individuals in the home care field. To achieve these goals, the faculty and staff are committed to:


  • Educating students with the most relevant courses, and practical methods available in the home care field.


  • Maintaining a highly professional and experience staff devoted to the personal and professional growth of the students.


  • Maintaining a close relationship with the professional community in order to continually evaluate and develop curriculum that best meets the needs of the student.

Facilitie and Equipments

The train facility is  included with a modern clinical lab, to simulate the home of a typical patient.


The materials used for instructional included, but not limited to:

 Hospital bed

Adult mannequin



Simulation sink

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